History of The Magnolia Inn

The Magnolia Inn, completed in 1896, is the second oldest boarding house in the Village of Pinehurst  It’s original rates were $8 to $12 per week.  Rates are only “marginally” higher today!

It was soon used as overflow rooming for the Carolina Hotel (today belonging to Pinehurst Resort).  Later it returned to a boarding house and was briefly used as the office of Dr. Francis Owens. He did perform minor surgeries here.  There are still residents of Pinehurst who were born in the building.

After the Carolina Hotel opened in 1900, James Walker Tufts was disturbed by the fact that the Magnolia Inn obscured the view of the Village of Pinehurst from his room at the Carolina Hotel. Consequently the top two floors where removed giving the Inn its current design.  A “stairway to nowhere” still exists from the third floor to what was the fourth floor of the building.  Several alterations to the building have been made over the years but the basic structure remains as it was.

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